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We are giving below some of the Mozart Blades & Lutz Blades :

    Mozart Blades :

  Grinding Variation Blades with straight strip grinding, single or multi side ground. There are 3 hole blades,
   razor blades, glass scraper blades & many more.
   Given below are various Mozart make blades widely used in different applications & industries. Depending
   on the applications you can choose the suitable blades.


3 hole blades, razor blades, glass scraper blades

        No. 40

No. 42 inox

No. 80

No 82 inox            

mozart blades

No. 8933.000        
19 X 57 X 0.4mm       

No. 8933.001
19 X 57 X 0.4mm

No. 856                                

razor blades, three hole blades

No. 82 inbox

No. 310

No. 301


No. 852

No. 854.020 152 X 22 X 0.20 mm

No. 600.025

No. 610.030

glass scraper blades

No. 853

No. 620.025

Grinding Variation Blades with straight strip grinding , single or multi side ground.  Also blades with convex or 
  concave grinding. Single or multi side ground. These blades include straight blades, hook blades, blades for
  foamy plastics, scraper blades, break away blades etc.

convex grinding blades, concave grinding blades


No.105 Bitex



convex grinding blades, concave grinding blades




No. 115 Supercut

convex grinding blades, concave grinding blades, hook blades

No.116 Supercut




straight strip grinding blades, scraper blades


No.901 wide grind

No.903 single bevel


straight strip grinding, straight blades





blades for foamy plastics


No. 982 / 140 mm                       

straight blades

                    No980 / 100 mm

No. 981 / 80

3. Grinding Variation Blades with tooth grinding. These include blades with tooth & scallop grinding as well as their combinations. We are also marketing LUTZ make Industrial Blades. You can choose suitable Blades for your applications.

LUTZ make Industrial Blades

LUTZ No.43.10, 43.20, 43.30 G

LUTZ No. 43, 10, 43.20, 43.30 R

We are dealing in bread slicing blades, ceramic coated blades, indigenously manufactured blades. You may feel free to contact for your applications. We would like to supply blades suitable for your need.

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